The view from the farm

April 26, 2011, 1:53 pm
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Happy birthday to me!  Most birthdays are a happy day, but I don’t care much about the age.  (Except if it’s prime.  Then I’m a little sad, because composite numbers are vastly more interesting than prime numbers.)  This birthday, however, I get health insurance back!

I’ve had COBRA health insurance since Shenandoah County Public Schools and I parted ways back in 2009.  None of the jobs I’ve held since then has offered health insurance, so I continued to pay about $1300 per month to pay for insurance for my husband, our youngest son, and me.

Then COBRA ended at the beginning of March.  The COBRA people said that they warned me it would; I say they didn’t warn me until I got a lovely little letter from them in mid-March saying that coverage had ended.

And then we went bare for almost two months.  But now we have it back again!  Woo hoo!  And it isn’t just the Hyundai coverage that we had before.  No, no, this is Cadillac coverage.  Mercedes coverage.  Heck, Bentley coverage, Lamborghini coverage!  It’s BNA retiree coverage, practically the best in the world!

So this birthday is a pretty important one, because turning 55 mostly means that I can get my wonderful BNA health insurance back.  Also, now that I’m 55, every year after this one is speeding.  I’m hurtling headlong towards — oh, dear, if I say “death,” which I want to say, all my millions of devoted fans will be dismayed.  Still, that’s what’s happening.  There’s less happening now than there was, say, 30 years ago, but it all goes faster.  I guess it’s because I’m more used to living than I used to be.

In other news, the riding mower is now fixed — and it was free!  I got super-terrific warranty coverage for $540 when I bought this lovely reconditioned Husqvarna last fall.  For five years, I get just about everything except routine maintenance for free.  It’s well worth it.  ::happy sigh::  The only thing is that now I really should mow the lawn, which is considerably longer than the grass shown at the top of this blog.  It’s up to Thurber’s belly, in fact.  That will take a lot of time away from work.

Speaking of which, I’d better do some.  Maybe I’ll write about that later.  It’s still new to me and pretty exciting.  Not lucrative yet, mind you, but I hope that will come.  I’ll think positive thoughts.  Mostly I’ll pray and try to keep having faith that God will provide.  Yay God!